Abusive alerting the police / pretending dangerous situations

It is always better to assume being in danger for nothing than to ignore hints.

For the police, this does not always have to be a “dramatic emergency”. Even if, for example, you make an observation that seems “strange” and you have the suspicion that perhaps a (planned) offense could be behind it, you can tell the police.

However, anyone who misstates the police because there is no emergency (eg by calling the police emergency number), or pretends to be in danger or distress, can be punishable following the respective legal code or commit an administrative offense under the respective jurisdiction.

It is irrelevant whether attention is drawn to one’s own or a third person’s emergency.

Anyone who requests help in the event of an accident, which is not necessary, can also make a criminal offense.

It may be assumed that in this case, the police will initiate an investigation to know which person has made the emergency call to initiate criminal proceedings against this person and to claim the costs incurred in connection with any rescue operations initiated.

So who informs the police without reason: This can not only be expensive but may even be punishable. On such “jokes” – should be better avoided.

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