BC statisch EN BackChecker THE outdoor emergency app. It alarms if something happens to you. It alarms if something happens to you.

Cover yourself!

Gets help for you when you can not do it anymore – even in unconsciousness or if phone is off-grid!


 Think of your loved ones!

Nobody needs to worry unnecessarily or keep an eye on you.


Keep your privacy!

Only pass on your positions in an emergency. Otherwise, you and that you are using the app remain completely “invisible”. And the data will be deleted completely on exit.


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The unique emergency app for on the go: only BackChecker can do that!

Protects you AND your privacy!

Whether outdoor activity, a lonely way home, a date or in the nightlife: BackChecker is your digital ace up its sleeve! In an emergency, your helpers will get your exact route – and only then! Otherwise, your safeguarding is completely confidential and nobody gets anything from it.


Alerts on its own if you can not do it anymore!

Absolute peculiarity: The app can call in addition to the immediate alarm and independently help! So even if you can no longer act – for example, by severe injuries or unconsciousness, your phone has no connection, broken cell phone or even violence. If you are not well back at the scheduled time, BackChecker’s unique countdown feature and independent alarm system is an unbeatable advantage over traditional emergency solutions!

All information – fast help

In the event of an alarm, your selected emergency contacts will be sent a link from the BackChecker backend via SMS. This shows a detailed map of your positions and other important information. Information that can be life-saving! Contrary to popular belief, police or ambulance doctors can not simply locate cell phones.


Good feeling instead of worry or control

Nobody gets bothered, no one observes you! Thanks to the app, your family or friends can help you in times of need, without you having to constantly inform them about your activities or they would have to constantly track you. You can rest assured because ‘no news is good news’.

Privacy is sacred!

At BackChecker privacy and privacy are also consistently maintained. If the user is safely back and the temporal security window is closed, this data will be deleted automatically and irretrievably. Also on the part of the app operator, no user data or motion profiles are sold – even anonymized!

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Free download plus fully non-binding use for a whole month!
No notice or similar necessary. After this, different time packages or a subscription are available.

Why the app costs anything? Because we always focus on the highest quality on such an important topic as life-saving 1. and 2. consciously do not finance our costs through data sales or advertising!

This is what BackChecker looks like: safeguarding and alerting in an emergency

This is how BackChecker works:

3 iPhone 7 Neuer BackCheck Webpagewebpage
  1. Set duration until your return
  2. select up to three emergency contacts from the list
  3. Enter additional information
    e.g. “I am out for a ride” or “Meet me with Max87 from the x-chat”
  4. (Activation of the Password / Safeword function secures against forced BackCheck termination)
  5. Start

The app now transmits the information entered and the ongoing geo positions to BackChecker’s data center for the current BackCheck, ie for the selected time-sensitive security window.

After having returned safely, the completed button ends the entire BackCheck, all data is irretrievably deleted. (! Closing the app – on Android also the back button – does not stop the countdown alarm!)


3 alarm types:

  1. Instant Alert: With a mobile internet connection, you can trigger an instant alert by pressing the Instant Alert button three times while a BackCheck is in progress.
  2. Countdown-Alarm: The alarm is triggered automatically by the backend after the expiration of the set duration and thus works also in areas without a mobile internet connection or if you are unconscious. You will be reminded 3 times beforehand and can still adjust the time while having a connection.
  3. Silent Alert: Will you be forced to quit the BackCheck, enter your safeword instead of a password. The app pretends the normal termination, at the same time your helpers receive an immediate alarm in the background.

If an alarm is triggered, all emergency contacts selected for this BackCheck will be alerted via SMS. Here is a real BackCheck from us as an example (Depending on the connection, loading may take a little longer due to the live position transfer of the map.)

Step-by-step explainer video

For BackChecker to function optimally, the following applies:

  • Allow GPS / location services so your location data can be tracked when in use
  • Allow messages or notification to receive the expiration warning (if you ever forget to stop the BackCheck on arrival)
  • Sound to hear the expiration warning sounds
  • Temporary network connection for start and stop, as well as for extending and for the immediate alarm, so that the App-Server can receive and implement your command.


Why do I need a network connection for some actions, while later on I am also secured independently of the network, no matter what happens?

When you start a BackCheck on the app, all information is transferred to our computer systems, so basically your saveguarding is not running on your phone, but our computer systems. That’s exactly your biggest advantage, no matter what happens to you or your cell phone in the meantime, your trusted people will know something is wrong.

With “Start BackCheck” you give the command: “If I did NOT finish the BackCheck regularly by that time and therefore did NOT confirm that I am safely back, then notify my emergency contacts!” Conversely, this means that ALWAYS trigger the alarm when your BackCheck expires. Closing the app does not stop the current BackCheck, but only the regular shutdown – in the app or, if the phone is broken, via emergency stop on top of our website.

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Ingenious security backup “
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RTL TV featuring BackChecker
“Save on the go with BackChecker”


Special advantages and features at a glance

User-friendly operation

  • Simple, intuitive operation and clear app design
  • Easy-to-understand onboarding as an additional application aid
  • Multiple audible and visual warnings before the expiration of a back check
  • The period entered can be extended, shortened or terminated prematurely in the current BackChecks
  • Speed-dial memory with repetitive activity presets for 1-Click activation


Optimal notification

  • Use of SMS for the immediate perception of the SOS message by displaying even on the lock screen
  • Higher security of reception, as SMS are delivered via the telephone, not via mobile Internet (problem here, for example, prepaid card is empty or your emergency contact is abroad.)
  • Everybody can receive SMS, the system used by all is thus the common denominator in contrast to the variety of used messengers (Whatsapp, Threema, Signal, Telegram, iMessage, etc.)

Sophisticated alarm

  • Standalone alerting when using the app, i.e. in case of emergency no active action of the user is necessary
  • Active triggerable immediate alarm possible
  • Sending the alarm message and the location information, even if the phone is offline or without reception (off-grid in hills/mountains, broken by fall, the battery is empty, the phone is off, in a metal box, deep in a basement,)
  • Up to three emergency jokers per BackCheck simultaneously for increased accessibility


Additional security mechanisms

  • Additional Safeword for Forced Cancellation of the BackChecks with Silent Alarm. (If the user is forced to quit the security app, the app apparently confirms the completion, but at the same time a silent emergency alarm is sent to the emergency contacts.)
  • Ending the BackCheck via the web page with the password is possible. For example, if your cell phone was lost during the BackCheck or if the battery ran out. (So ​​you can briefly ask a passer-by for his cell phone and avoid an unnecessarily caused worry.)
  • Only by the active verification of the requested emergency joker, ie the confirmation of the friends, that you would like to be an assistant in an emergency, this is selectable. So there is no irritation or inadequate readiness.

Valuable information

  • The information in the case of an alarm includes the name and phone number of the app user, the personal emergency message, the geo positions in a detailed map, and the list of notified emergency contacts (so they can coordinate with each other)
  • Use of state-of-the-art map material with detailed route markings even in open terrain
  • Forwardable link to rescue services with exact route plus GPS coordinates of the last location for quick detailed information


Availability and costs

  • The novel security app is available both as a convenient subscription that can be canceled at any time and with various time packages for IOS and Android (see Settings / Purchase).
  • We want to offer users the best value for money!
  • For us, this also means the targeted decision against hidden income through advertising, etc.
  • No “cat in a poke”: Download it for free and test it for a full month without obligation, according to the motto “look at it, then decide”.


Ethics and absolute confidentiality

  • No user data is sold or evaluated by powerful “data sufferers” (no personal information, no friend connections, no general information on frequency of use, no movement profiles, etc.)
  • The user data are only visible in the triggered alarm case and then only by specially entrusted persons
  • After regular termination of the respective BackChecks, the localization data is immediately deleted.